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TPU against electrometer tube

TPU against electrometer tubeAgainst static electricity index may reach 10 six power of exponent - 10 nine powers of exponent, toughness is good, the peel strength and the longitudinal strength are high; Bears the acid and alkali, wear-resisting, bears windingly, water resistant, oil resistant, bears gets moldy and spoil and so on.

TPU polyurethane against electrometer tube:

   * has the extremely good flexibility, the bevelling radius is minimum, the good anti-knocking property, the nature is light, the operating temperature and the working pressure scope is wide;

   * has the extremely good chemical properties, the pressure loss is minimum, degree of hardness is constant, the service life is long;

  * environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless

  * has the good wear-resisting performance;

   * low surface resistance design, prevents the static electricity spark the accumulation;

   * against static electricity rank ( may have custom-made against static electricity rank is 10 6 powers of exponent to 9 powers of exponent between trachea)

   * meets the ROHS environmental protection requirement.
  product use:

   * industry robot, the pneumatic tool, the assembly plant pneumatic tools, the belt presses the conduit;

   * water and other fluids;

   * may serve as the vacuum sucker;

   * metal and electronic products protection coat;

  * suits the belt static electricity under the working conditions to use
. TPU hose Dina (41)TPU hose Dina (41)

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