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TPU water bag TPU water bag

TPU has toughness to be good, the longitudinal strength and the peel strength are high; Bears the acid and alkali, bears windingly, wear-resisting, water resistant, oil resistant, bears gets moldy and spoil, bears the impact, bears the oppression, the product weathering resistance non-toxic, tasteless, characteristics and so on being flame-resistant, anti-static electricity, anti-UV, the product conforms to European Union ROHS the REACH standard.

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  • product description
  product range:   TPU water distribution hose, TPU hose                                                                                                                        
  material quality:   polyurethane (TPU)
  outer diameter:  10mm-400mm
  wall thickness:  0.15mm-1.0mm
  length:  20 rice - 300 meters (may making to order)
  color:   transparent, the blue color, the black, red, the white, the orange color and so on (may making to order)

application scope:
product widely applies in: War industry, shipbuilding, aviation, sport product


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