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Service purpose

Customer satisfaction is our eternal service theme
We advocate the enterprise spirit of "honesty, dedication, innovation and surpassing", backed by technology development and development with the best service;
Service concept: high quality, honesty, efficiency, dedication
Service policy: quality first, credit first.

Aftermarket promises

1. After receiving the quality of the customer response to the problem, within 3 working days to test the product and find out the reasons, the user can call the technical advice through the sale of telephone and get a clear solution;
2. Product sales within a month, the customer made the product doubt, after the sale of our engineers identified, indeed a quality problem, can be returned replacement;
3 products provide tear strength, tensile strength, elongation at break and other professional test reports;
4. When receiving customer service information, make the first feedback within 1 hour, and take appropriate measures within 24 hours;
5. For products that can not meet the requirements of the contract, unconditional return or exchange;
7. properly handle every customer complaint within 72 hours;
8. 24 hours to accept your complaint, technical advice and advice.

Contact us

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