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    Flat aeration disks have smaller resistance losses. Due to its unique anti-blocking and anti-backflow properties, the flat aerator does not require an additional check valve, thus effectively reducing the resistance of the aerator and achieving energy savings. In addition, the flat aeration disk has good anti-blocking and anti-backflow properties. Its spherical crown design allows it to keep the surface clean and difficult to accumulate mud even if it works intermittently when operating in complex water quality environments. The diaphragm punching technology adopts a unique and advanced oblique cut-out design. In addition, the specially designed top center sealing ring can more effectively prevent water from flowing back.6583dd9d149be.jpg    

    The diaphragm of the flat aeration disk has strong tear resistance. The spherical crown design of the rubber diaphragm makes the force uniform, reduces the degree of fatigue deformation, has good resilience, is not easy to tear, and has a long service life. The flat plate aeration disk can achieve uniform gas distribution and is highly efficient and energy-saving. Compared with the flat plate aerator, the spherical crown aerator has a larger working surface and smaller bubbles, which can achieve uniform gas distribution, improve oxygenation efficiency, and achieve better treatment results. Especially when working with low gas volume, it can still take advantage of this advantage and is very convenient for operation and management. In addition, the spherical crown-shaped aeration diaphragm is made of high-quality rubber, and the support tray and wedge-shaped insert plate are made of engineering plastic materials, which have excellent physical and mechanical properties. It has the characteristics of aging resistance and corrosion resistance, and can resist the corrosion of acids, alkalis and chemicals.

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