Tubular microporous aeration tube

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The rubber membrane microporous tube diffuser has small bubble diameter, large gas-liquid area, uniform bubble diffusion, no hole clogging, and strong corrosion resistance. It is especially suitable for urban sewage and large-scale factory construction, expansion, and old aeration tanks. Modification, and the aeration tank can be operated intermittently. Today, the editor of Shihuan Environmental Protection, a tubular aerator manufacturer, shared that the advantages and performance of tubular aerators can be improved.300

1. Characteristics of upside-down lifting tube aerator The optimal choice of aeration system design directly affects the cost of the sewage treatment project and the operating costs after the project is completed. The liftable tubular microporous aerator has overcome the long-standing problem of difficult maintenance of aerators that has troubled us, and ended the history of aerators having to be drained for maintenance due to malfunctions. When the aerator fails, it can be repaired outside the pool by simply lifting the aerator out of the water, thus simplifying the maintenance process, shortening the maintenance time, and saving maintenance costs.

2. The liftable tube aerator has the advantages of easy installation, good aeration effect, energy saving, and can be repaired without draining water. It can be widely used for activated sludge oxygenation. In the lifting aeration system, the system operation requirements for the aerator: convenient and quick maintenance is one of the main factors in determining the efficiency of the tube aerator system. Maintenance and cleaning are easy and feasible, which is one of the main factors that must be considered when choosing an aerator. Kunshan Pinhong Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. focuses on sewage treatment biochemical aeration systems. It is an enterprise integrating design and development, processing, sales, and construction technical services. The company is committed to providing owners with customized and stable biochemical aeration systems. The company's product specifications and models are complete to meet customer needs. Customers and friends are welcome to choose us!


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