What is the core part of the service life of microporous aerator?

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    The core part of the microporous aerator is rubber material, which directly affects the performance and life of the microporous aerator. Compared with corundum and ceramic diffusers, membrane microporous diffusers are widely used because they are cheaper and have a relatively simple structure. The most critical part of the membrane microporous diffuser is the aeration membrane, including the perforation method and material. In this regard, if you want higher pore density and finer pores to improve oxygen transfer efficiency, you need to ensure that the material meets certain requirements. Otherwise, the membrane may tear during aeration as the pores become finer. When purchasing a microporous diffuser, it is recommended to compare the diaphragm perforation densities of different manufacturers. In addition, the surface of high-quality aeration diaphragms has less luster and is not as shiny as leather shoes. It is worth noting that the aeration diaphragm has a high sulfur content and is prone to aging and hardening after long-term use, thereby increasing pressure loss.


    For situations where EPDM material cannot be used, silicone diaphragms can be considered. Silicone diaphragms are commonly used in wastewater treatment areas such as the pulp and paper industry, petrochemicals and refining processes. Although the performance of silicone membranes is not as good as EPDM because it is less hydrophilic, which may lead to a decrease in oxygen transfer efficiency. The main external hazard to silicone is acids. Currently, the most commonly used aeration diaphragm material is ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM). It has excellent performance in durability, lifespan, anti-aging and hydrophilicity, so it is the best choice. EPDM is the most suitable choice for biological sewage treatment, and membranes of this material should also be used for conventional industrial wastewater and municipal sewage. However, EPDM also presents some external hazards. If there are a large amount of aromatic or toxic chemicals in the sewage, EPDM cannot be selected. Of course, there are other special diaphragm materials, but they all have their own special external hazards. Therefore, before choosing the most effective brand and model of sewage treatment aerators, we need to fully understand their characteristics.

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