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TPU fibrage tube TPU fibrage tube

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  product range:  TPU fiber reinforcement water distribution, water line                                                                                                              
  material quality:   outer layer TPU, median fiber sand inclusion level
  diameter:  4mm-100mm
  length:  20 rice - 200 meters
  working pressure:  1.0MPA-3.0MPA
  biggest pressure resistance:  3.0MPA-6.0MPA

easy installation, has toughness good, the longitudinal strength and the peel strength is high; Bears the acid and alkali, wear-resisting, bears windingly, water resistant, oil resistant, bears gets moldy and spoil, bears the impact, bears the oppression, the product weathering resistance non-toxic, tasteless and so on characteristics.
product applicable scope:
product uses in the city for the drainage system (fire prevention, water pollution, flooding), the warship supplies, the industry and mining, the petroleum, the chemical transportation, the breakdown fluid transportation, the natural gas, the mortar, the cement, the tap water, the waste water and so on, may implement in the emergency case fast emergency for, the draining water question, but may also widely use in food, the hygienic profession, uses in the fire high pressure water line and so on.
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