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TPU insolation gas blanket tube

TPU polyurethane insolation gas blanket pipe fitting has bears the acid and alkali, bears the microorganism, water resistant, bears the impact, bears the oppression, bears the aging, Gao Kangzhang, anti-tearing, extends high. At present widely uses in the sewage, the sea water, the environmental protection project.

product information:                                                    
product range TPU aeration diaphragm, TPU aeration hose
material quality polyurethane (TPU)
diameter 25mm-100mm
thickness 0.10mm-1.0mm
length 1m-300m
color transparent, the black, the blue color and so on (may have custom-made according to requirement)
has bears the acid and alkali, bears the microorganism, wear-resisting, bears windingly, water resistant, oil resistant, bears the impact, the weathering resistance, bears the aging, Gao Kangzhang, anti-tearing, extends non-toxic high, tasteless, and so on characteristics.
application scope:
product has widely applied in the sewage, the sea water, the environmental protection project and so on.
application case:
 micro letter picture _20171118153904

 micro letter picture _20171118153403

product specification parameter:                                    
aperture 0.5mm/1mm
hole quantity/rice 300 - 250000
raw material import material
aeration quantity 1-5 cubic

 TPU aeration hose product characteristic:
anti-rips pulls, wear-resisting, cold resistant, heat-resisting, non-toxic odorlessness, environmental protection, bears the hydrolisis, bears the yellow stain, the tpu tube does not contain the plasticizer, will not produce spits the wax or the powder question, the molecular structure is simplex, when cremated combustion non-air pollution question. The material buries in the soil the humidity and the microorganism function,3-5 year degrades naturally.

  product processing:
miniature punch (hole size may decide).

  invariable hole aeration hose identity:

 1. thin wall, went nonstop to reduce the aeration resistance loss enormously; Invariable hole and slit automated make and break, thorough settlement aeration jamming question; hose is the striation aeration, causes the spreading qi to be even, and forms the vertical circulation, the agitation mix is evener; air bubble is small, the oxygen use factor and the power efficiency are high.
 2, the hose week diameter surface has the blowhole, can the aeration, produce, the micro air bubble in the water, the air bubble ascending velocity is slow, the spreading qi is even, the oxygen use factor is high.
 3, hose when aeration but ballooning in not aeration time is compressed the hydrostatic pressure function, to a certain extent avoided the sludge flowing in backward.
 4, hose's wall thickness only then2mm, the gas channel is short and is straight, the barometric pressure loss is small.
 5, the blowhole assume the long and narrow fine drawn, the width based on this variable.
 6, hose's internal surface is very smooth, is not easy to adhere firmly the biomembrane.
 7, does not need the air filtration device, momentarily may stop the aeration, stops the aeration the time, no matter the length does not stop up.
 8, the assembly are convenient, install smoothness to require lowly, combines in the pond bottom air conduit and the aeration tube, cannot supplement the pipe-line equipment, price compares other pore aeration to be low.
 9, the acidproof kali resistivity can be good.
 10, may the curl packing, the volume be small, the packing transportation is convenient.

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