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TPU welding air dome tube TPU welding air dome tube

TPU has toughness good, the peel strength and the longitudinal strength is high; Bears the acid and alkali, wear-resisting, bears windingly, water resistant, oil resistant, bears gets moldy and spoil, bears the impact, bears the oppression, the product weathering resistance non-toxic, tasteless and so on characteristics.

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  ◆ the hyaloid canal has the high transparency.
  ◆ uses the high rebound elasticity body polyurethane raw material manufacture, does not add any chapter of material; Enables the air operated pipe fitting to have the small bevelling radius, easier to install.
  ◆ the color tube uses the import to bear the period of five days the toner, makes the color tube color standard, bright, the long-time work does not fade.
  ◆ the production process uses the online caliber control system, the caliber common difference check in △±0.15mm within.
  ◆ uses 100% high physical property plastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) to make, the constant working pressure state use, the life is long-time.  welding air dome
service industry: Widely applies in gasifying the outdoors thing, gasifies in the toy, the aerated water professions and so on thing, gas mold, movement equipment.

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