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Aeration hose installation

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1. Review the installation drawings;

2. Check whether the size of the on-site pool is consistent with the construction drawing;

3. According to the site conditions and drawings, first locate the air intake main pipe;  4. Set the line at the position where the aeration hose is installed;

5. Punch holes according to the line, specification: Φ12*40mm, spacing 500mm, insert the galvanized inner expansion plug, keep the height consistent, smash into the inner expansion core, and expand the inner


6. Insert the stainless steel screw rod into the galvanized inner expansion bolt, screw it to the end and fasten it;

7. Adjust the opening direction of the plastic ring of the aeration hose bracket to be consistent with the length of the aeration hose, and tighten the lower nut of the plastic ring after completion;

8. Open the upper part of the plastic ring;

9. Connect one end of the aeration hose connector and fasten it with two hose clamps. After completion, pull the aeration hose from the top of the bracket to the other end of the aeration hose connector, tighten, and use two hoses at the joint. The hose clamp is fastened. (If there is only one end of the air intake, connect a section of DN50 ABS pipe with a stuffy cap to the end of the aeration hose and fasten it.)

10. Close the upper part of the plastic ring, tighten it, the aeration hose is installed, and the other aeration hoses are installed by analogy.

11. Matters needing attention:

(1) The inner expansion bolt hole should not be too deep, and it is better to control it at 40mm. Strictly prevent dust from entering, otherwise it will directly affect the installation of the stainless steel screw rod;

(2) The aeration hose must not be twisted, it must be laid flat and straightened;

(3) Strict attention must be paid to not misalignment when tightening the plastic ring, otherwise it is easy to produce acute angles and may cause abrasion to the aeration hose;

(4) It is recommended to install a sewage vent pipe and a sewage valve at the position of the intake main pipe to ensure that the aeration system is durable, reliable and stable.


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