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Aeration System

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The sewage treatment aeration system is one of the key parts of the sewage treatment project. The aeration system injects air into the wastewater to promote the biodegradation process of microorganisms in the wastewater. 


This method effectively increases the dissolved oxygen level in the wastewater, thereby increasing the activity of microorganisms and accelerating the decomposition of organic matter.

Aeration systems usually include aeration tanks, aeration pipes and aerators. An aeration tank is a large tank that holds wastewater, and aeration pipes are installed on the bottom or sides of the tank to deliver air to the water. Aerators are devices used to subdivide air into small bubbles for better contact with microorganisms in the water.

The core principle of this system is to provide sufficient oxygen to encourage bacteria and other microorganisms to utilize organic waste and convert it into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water. This is an environmentally friendly wastewater treatment method that can effectively reduce the pollutant load in water bodies.


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