Applications of Membrane tube Diffusers

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Membrane Tube Diffusers quality products from the NORRES stable - are mainly used for intermittent, fine-bubble, compressed air aeration (nrtrtfication/deni-trification.) Our membrane material exhibits very good resistance to municipal wastewater according to the latest version of the DAW-M 115 Advisory Leaflet. Please ask NORRES for advice before using it in industrial wastewater.

  • Fine-bubble, compressed air aeration

  • Oxygenation and circulation in submerged fixed-bed and membrane bioreactors

  • Mixing of aeration tanks {municipal and industrial)

  • Grit trap aeration

  • Aeration of collecting and intermediate storage tanks

  • Restoration (aeration) of rivers and lakes

  • Aquaculture (fish farming)

Added value generated Membrane Tube Diffusers

  • 25% reduction in energy costs compared to conversational diffusers

  • ROI in approx. 6 months in contrast to conventional diffusers

  • High oxygen transfer efficiency (OTE) up to 5.5 kgAWh with underdamped population density

  • Excellent value for money

  • Extremely durable-long service life

  • Quickly and easily fitted

  • Permanently elastic membrane

  • Excellent mechanical and chemical properties compared to silicone and EPDM

  • Optimised slit perforation


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