Factory Price Air Pressure Reducing Valve Relief Valves Factory Price Air Pressure Reducing Valve Relief Valves

TPU pressure relief valve applies on the outdoors camp tent, the advertisement tent, when the pipe bearing achieves the setting value, the pressure relief valve deflates automatedly, thus safeguards outdoors gasification products and so on tent, causes its internal value of pressure to be possible the bearing pressure scope, adds the tent product the service life.

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color: Transparent, red, the black, the blue color, the red-orange and so on (may according to requirement custom make)
performance: Has toughness good, the peel strength and the longitudinal strength is high. Bears the acid and alkali, bears the microorganism, wear-resisting, bears windingly, oil resistant, bears the impact, bears the oppression, bears the aging, Gao Kangzhang, anti-tearing, extends high, non-toxic tasteless, the anti-static electricity, being flame-resistant, anti-UV, suits the high frequency operation and network India prints and so on.
service industry: This product has widely applied in professions and so on electronic, petrochemical, coal mine, shipbuilding, aviation, war industry, automobile, pneumatic tool, engineering machinery manufacture, printing, fishing herd, movement equipment, medical service.
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Kunshan Pinhong Rubber&Plastic CO.,Ltd specializes in manufacturing and supplying rubber and plastic series products. Our company located at Kunshan, Jiangsu Province of China, which has our own brand Pinhong, our products have TPU hose/casing/film, oil hose, inflatable TPU hose, PVC hose, high pressure hose and so on. So far our products already export to USA, Korea, Austria, Germany and many other countries and areas.

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