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PVC tube shape tube PVC tube shape tube

product after the improvement, has toughness good, the peel strength and the longitudinal strength is high; Bears the acid and alkali, wear-resisting, bears windingly, water resistant, oil resistant, bears gets moldy and spoil, bears the impact, bears the oppression, the weathering resistance non-toxic, tasteless, anti-characteristics and so on static electricity, being flame-resistant, anti-UV, suits the high frequency operation and network India prints and so on.The product widely applies in: The outdoors gasification thing, gasifies in the toy, the aerated water the thing, the gas mold, the farming and animal husbandry, the fishery, the movement equipment, the petrochemical, the medical service, the clothing and so on.

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  • product description
  product range:  PVC tubbish tube                                                                                        
  material quality:   PVC
  diameter:   10mm-400mm (booklet extends 15mm-650mm) and so on
  thickness:   015mm-0.8mm
  length:  20 rice - 300 meters and so on
  color:   transparent, the surface blush, the white, the blue color, the black and so on (may making to order)
PVC tubbish membrane

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