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aeration disc

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The aeration disc is another membrane-type microporous aeration product. ABS engineering plastics are used as the chassis and support plate, the air distribution plate is made of EPDM material, and the aeration device is composed of aerators, regulators, connectors and air distribution pipes, tee, cross, elbow and other pipe fittings.


Good anti-blocking and anti-backflow. The aerator is in the shape of a spherical crown. Even if the water quality of the aeration tank is complicated, it still operates intermittently, and the surface is not easy to accumulate mud. The diaphragm punching technology is unique and advanced, and it is an oblique incision type. In addition, a special-shaped sealing ring is set up in the center of the top to prevent the backflow of the water body more effectively.

The diaphragm has strong tear resistance. The rubber diaphragm is spherical. When working, the hole opening is evenly stressed, the degree of fatigue deformation is reduced, the resilience is good, it is not easy to tear, and the service life is long.

Uniform air distribution, energy saving and high efficiency. Compared with the flat plate type, the working surface of the spherical cap aerator is relatively larger, the air bubbles are small, the air distribution is uniform, the oxygenation efficiency is high, and the treatment effect is good. Especially when working with low air volume, this feature can still be exerted, and the operation and management are convenient.

Anti-aging and anti-corrosion. The spherical crown-shaped aeration diaphragm is made of high-quality rubber, and the supporting tray and the wedge-shaped insert are uniformly made of engineering plastics. These materials have excellent physical and mechanical properties. Excellent aging resistance, and chemical corrosion resistance such as acid, alkali and chemical resistance.

The resistance loss is small. Due to the unique anti-blocking and waterproof performance of the aerator, the check valve attached to the flat-plate microporous aerator is removed, thereby reducing the resistance of the aerator. Save energy.


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