What are the advantages of liftable aerators

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The riser type aerator can be applied to various activated sludge aeration tanks for urban sewage and industrial wastewater, and oxygenation and aeration for the new construction of contact oxidation tanks and the transformation of water treatment projects. So what are the advantages of the liftable aerator:

       The first is the biggest feature of the liftable aerator. The aerator can be lifted directly out of the water, thoroughly cleaned and maintained, so that the aeration system is in a brand new state, thereby reducing fan losses, maintaining high power efficiency, and reducing operating costs.

Secondly, it has good chemical stability, does not contain plasticizers, can maintain elasticity for a long time, is acid and alkali resistant, does not harden, does not embrittle, and does not age. The bubble diameter of the product is small, which can not only maintain a high oxygen conversion rate, but also achieve the effect of mixing and stirring. With self-closing pore structure, the micropores are not blocked. Easy to install and disassemble. Reduce energy consumption.

The liftable aerator has uniform aeration, small bubbles, high oxygen utilization, high power efficiency, good flow rate and flow pattern; low resistance and low energy consumption. Compared with other aerators, the efficiency also has a strong advantage.

      In terms of installation and maintenance, the liftable aerator has a reasonable structure and uses 304 stainless steel as the support body. The installation is very convenient. It can be installed with or without water in the pool. No configuration is required in the pool. If maintenance is required for a long time aeration, it can be freely upgraded. Maintenance, no need to discharge water, no need to shut down the fan, and does not affect normal operation.


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