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Microphole aeration disk

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Microporous aeration disc is a typical microbubble air diffusion device, mainly composed of imported synthetic rubber aeration diaphragm (EPDM), base tray, screw gland and other components, and its component materials are all made of engineering plastics. The diameter of the generated air bubbles is below 2mm, and the oxygen utilization rate is high. It is often installed in an assembled form. Tighten the cover tightly.

The synthetic rubber diaphragm of the microporous aeration disc has 2960 opening and closing holes arranged according to certain rules. When inflating, air evenly enters between the rubber diaphragms through the air distribution pipe, and under the action of air pressure, the diaphragm is slightly bulged, and the holes are opened to achieve the purpose of air distribution and diffusion. When the air supply is stopped, due to the pressure drop between the film and the base tray, when the pressure drops to a certain amount, due to the water pressure and the resilience of the film itself, the holes are gradually closed, and the diaphragm is compacted on the base tray to prevent The water flows backwards.


Because the base tray and screw gland of the microporous aeration disc are mainly made of engineering plastic injection molding, they are not afraid of corrosion, which greatly reduces the workload of operation and maintenance.

Due to the high oxygen utilization rate of the microporous aeration disc, compared with other current aeration devices, under the same operating load, the aeration volume can be greatly reduced, and the air distribution in the full pool is even. At the same time, a uniform and gentle stirring state is formed, and the biological flocs will not be broken due to excessive shearing, which is beneficial to the clarification of the secondary settling tank and the sedimentation of sludge.


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