Disc Diffuser vs Liftable Diffuser

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Disc diffusers and liftable diffusers are installed differently:

The non-drainable installable liftable aeration tube is easy to install, and the pool can be non-drained. Removable installation, when the aerator needs to be replaced or overhauled, the aerator can be manually lifted to pull it out of the water, and construction and overhaul can be carried out on the pool surface, without affecting the work of other aerators in the same pool, and no need to stop Pool drainage, low maintenance cost and less work.

The rubber membrane microporous aerator is a fixed installation. Once the installation is completed, it cannot be moved. If the aeration tank needs to be repaired, the operation of the tank must be stopped, and the sewage and silt in the tank must be removed. . It can be constructed, and maintenance troubles need to consume time, manpower and other resources.

If the bottom of the aeration tank is uneven, it will be difficult to install the microporous aeration head. The liftable aerator has no effect on the unevenness of the bottom of the pool and the irregular installation of the pool body.

Due to the aging of the rubber (movable parts) of the diaphragm aeration disc, the oxygenation efficiency gradually decays, which shows that the effect of the aerator is not as good as that of the new one. If several aeration heads are broken, mud will enter the pipe, and mud will enter the other aeration heads from the inside, blocking most of the aeration heads and can only be replaced. The lifting aeration tube is not affected, there are no uncertain parts underwater, the structure is simple, there are no moving parts, the oxygenation efficiency does not decay, and it is trouble-free and maintenance-free.



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