The purpose of the aeration tube

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The support tube of the aeration tube is made of ABS or UPVC material, and the diaphragm imported from Germany is placed on the support tube, and the two ends are locked and fixed with stainless steel clamps. It adopts the air supply main pipe and the air guide groove to pass through the silicon rubber membrane to open holes for microporous aeration. The types of aerators are roughly divided into two categories: one is blast aeration, and the other is mechanical aeration. Blast aeration is an aeration method that uses an aeration blower, a microporous aeration tube; a spreading plate or a spreading tube to introduce air bubbles into the water. Generally, this method is used for sewage treatment. Mechanical aeration refers to the aeration method that uses devices such as impellers to introduce air bubbles.

All liftable aeration tube equipment should meet the following three functions:

① Generate and maintain an effective air-water understanding, and maintain a certain concentration of dissolved oxygen in water under the condition of continuous oxygen consumption by biological oxidation;

② Generate sufficient mixing in the aeration zone to circulate the water;

③ Maintain sufficient speed of the liquid so that the biological liquid in the water is in a floating state.

During Worst environmental protection aeration, the air first enters the air distribution main pipe through the fan, then enters the air distribution branch pipe, and finally enters the air guide groove of the aeration pipe, forming an annular air chamber between the aeration membrane and the support pipe to make the aeration membrane bulge From the beginning, the water is aerated through the expandable micropores on the membrane. When the air supply is stopped, the diaphragm recovers to shrink and continue to cling to the support tube, and the micropores also shrink and close, preventing the water body from flowing back into the air tank.

The main purpose of the aeration pipe

The aeration tube can be put into use after long-term continuous use or out of use, and there will be no clogging of micropores and backflow of mixed liquid. When the air supply is stopped, the micropores of the aerator are closed by themselves. Mainly used for sewage treatment.


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