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Advantages of Aeration Hose

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The aeration hose is easy to assemble, and the air pipe and aeration pipe are combined into one at the bottom of the pool, without additional pipeline equipment, and the cost is lower than other microporous aerators. Compared with other microporous aerators, the aeration hose has the following advantages:

1. The aeration hose also has the function of gas transmission, which saves the cost of gas transmission pipelines.

2. It can be bent and packaged, small in size and low in shipping costs.

3. The installation is simple, the installation cost is low, and there is no risk of air leakage.

4. The aeration hose swells during aeration, and is flattened when it is not aerating. The variable micropores are closed, so no matter how long the aeration is stopped, it will not be blocked.

5. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, no aging, no tearing, long service life.

6. The wall thickness of the hose is only 2mm, the airway loss is small, the inner and outer surfaces of the hose are smooth, and there is no biofilm attached.

7. The oxygen utilization rate is high, the price is lower than other aerators, and the performance-price ratio is high.

8. There is no special requirement for the air source, and no air filtration equipment is required.

9. The hose has high air hole density, uniform air distribution, large service area and no dead angle.

The aeration hose overcomes the shortcomings of poor stability of other aerators, so there is no need to worry about the future.


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