Application of Aeration Hose in Sewage Aeration Tank

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The acid and alkali resistant aeration hoseis a new type of aeration aerator successfully developed by introducing West German technology. The thin-walled and straight channel greatly reduces the loss of aeration resistance; the variable holes and slits are automatically opened and closed, which solves the problem of clogging of the aerator; the hose is a linear aeration, which makes the air distribution uniform and forms a vertical Circulation, stirring and mixing more uniform; small bubbles, high oxygen utilization rate and power efficiency.

The aeration tank is the heart of all activated sludge processes. Its function is to stir the mixed liquid to make the mud and water fully contact and supply oxygen to the microorganisms. There are two ways of stirring, one is to fully mix the mud and water entering the aeration tank at the same time and keep it until it flows out of the tank, instead of mixing with the mixed liquid already in the tank to avoid short circuit. The long strip shape of the aeration tank is to ensure that the mud and water that enter the pool at the same time leave the pool at the same time, so that the wastewater that enters the pool at the same time has the same aeration time. Another stirring method is to fully mix the mud and water entering the pool with the mixed solution of the whole pool immediately to achieve uniform water quality of the mixed solution, which may make the growth of microorganisms in a suitable living environment and make the process in the best conditions. run. There is also a long ring-shaped aeration tank with a shallow depth, and the mixed liquid flows back at a high flow rate in the tank. The aeration time of this kind of aeration tank is close to 24 hours, especially called oxidation tank or oxidation ditch. In fact, it is an aeration tank of the delayed aeration activated sludge method.

The characteristics of the aeration hose in the aeration tank:

1. It is easy to assemble and requires low installation flatness. The air pipe and aeration pipe at the bottom of the pool are combined into one, and no additional pipeline equipment is required.

2. It can be crimped and packaged, with small size and low transportation cost.

3. The installation is simple, the installation cost is low, and there is no hidden danger of air leakage.

4. The hose bulges when it is aerated, and is flattened when it is not aerated. When it is flattened, the variable micropores are closed, so no matter how long the aeration is stopped, it will not be blocked.

5. Acid and alkali corrosion resistance, no aging, no tearing, long service life.

Application of aeration hose:

1. Variable hole aeration hose can be widely used in petrochemical, textile, food, papermaking, printing and dyeing, brewing, pharmaceutical, leather and other industrial wastewater and urban domestic sewage biochemical treatment projects.

2. When the efficiency of the aerator in operation is low or the blockage is frequent, the aeration hose with variable holes can be modified to improve the aeration capacity and stirring effect.

3. It is also used for circulating water in aquaculture, high-density breeding systems and oxygenation in ordinary fish ponds.

4. It is used for the pre-aeration of the sewage regulating tank to prevent the deposition of large particles of sediment and remove some organic matter.


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