Installation process of disc aerator?

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The installation method of the disk -type aerator includes the following steps: After fixing the supervisor, the multiple branches that are connected to the supervisor will be extended into multiple aeration pools, which are far away from the one end of the supervisor along the supervisor along the supervisor along the supervisor. Extend the direction to form an open bending part; inject liquid into the supervisor and multiple supports, and adjust the bending part of the liquid level, so that the liquid level of the curved part of multiple aerated tanks is at the same liquid level; The liquid level is a high -end benchmark point, measured the vertical distance of the table plate aerators installed at the prefabricated position in the aeration tank, and the vertical distance is installed in the vertical distance in order. The vertical distance between the aerated tank is equal to the vertical distance between the aeration pool and the disc aeler. This method can reduce the measurement errors from high -end benchmark points to disc aeler, reduce the workload, improve the installation efficiency of the disk aerator, and save the construction period.

Before the operation of the disc, the fust exposure should remove the waste in the aeration tank, such as stone, wooden blocks and iron blocks. When the time is installed at the entrance of the pool, the time should be as short as possible. If you can't do this for the time being, please note that the following points are not allowed to perform any other tasks that may damage the aircraft, such as paint, welding and cement sealing near the aeration system or the top of the pool. Protect the aerator and prevent other objects from falling and damaging the aeration system. In order to check the gas tight, add clean water to the water tank. There is no need to drink water, but there must be a lot of silt or debris. The water level should be 20 cm (8 ") higher than the exposure board. Start the ventilation for 5-10 minutes. Check whether there are obvious leaks, and then close the valve to immediately review the hidden small leakage point. The large airflow in some areas may be that the pipeline leakage or the aeration disk is damaged. If the leakage cannot be started and running normally, the water level will be increased to at least 1 m/40 above the analog disk to stop ultraviolet radiation, or too cold and too cold and too cold. Overheat weather; for a long time, consider compensating for evaporation loss. The aeration disk must be run at least 10 minutes every day at a medium air flow rate. When the temperature is lower than the freezing point, the water level (about+200mm/1c) must be selected according to these requirements to ensure that to ensure that safety.


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