How to replace the aeration system?

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The aeration system uses aeration equipment to stir the sewage to speed up the transfer of oxygen in the air to the sewage, thereby increasing the oxygen content in the sewage, and oxidizing and decomposing the organic matter in the sewage. Below, the editor of Sewage Bao will introduce the replacement of the aeration system.

The aeration system is mainly composed of aeration tubes, aerators, etc. When replacing the aeration tubes, it should be set out strictly according to the drawings, and the diagonal deviation and parallelism deviation should be checked repeatedly, and the specified value of the process design should not be exceeded, and It should be horizontal and vertical.

Installation of the aerator: The aerator is composed of a rubber membrane microporous aerator, an air distribution pipe, a regulator, a connecting piece, and a cleaning device. The gas distribution pipeline is arranged in a ring, the rubber membrane microporous aerator is arranged according to the air supply volume and the density of the pool shape, the connection between the aerator and the gas distribution pipeline adopts g3/4 thread connection, and the base rubber membrane microporous aerator is an external thread. When installing, first fix the regulator on the bottom of the pool according to the required size expansion bolt, and then fix the air distribution pipe on the regulator.

During the installation of the aerator, pay attention to the following points:

1. Wet the rubber flat gasket with lubricant before installation.

2. When the rubber pad is bitten into the hole above the aeration pipe, the curved contour of the upper part of the rubber pad should match the curved part of the aeration pipe.

3. The aeration disc should be screwed as tight as possible in a clockwise direction, so that the rubber pad can be screwed into the water outlet. Use a slanted fork wrench to prevent the rubber pad from turning.

4. When prying tight, the diaphragm must not be deformed, otherwise, uneven bubbly morphology may appear, or through-diaphragm tearing may result in leakage.

5. The deformation of the rubber pad must be equal during normal sealing, otherwise the aeration disc will be separated, and the rubber pad must be tightened again to adjust the rubber pad.


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